I have a love affair with words that started early on, being a voracious reader and prolific writer as a child who dreamt in scrabble tiles (yes, scrabble tiles).  A creative writing major in college, I eschewed typing, choosing instead to write my pieces by hand; well-crafted sentences were all the more pleasurable when each word was an aesthetic revelation in ink -- clean lines, casual fluidity, and balanced positive and negative space.  To my disgust, my professors all demanded uniformity from their students, so eventually each piece had to be typed up in bland fonts (Times New Roman, blegh) and mechanically separated by double-spacing (double-blegh).

After college, this fascination with words and the spatial relationship of characters on a blank page led to editing and desktop publishing jobs.  Finally, a brief stint as an event coordinator led to an introduction to the world of calligraphy.  My initial foray was a simple one: place cards for a large, formal dinner.  The results were well-received, and I was officially hooked. 

I have always had good penmanship (owing to a combination of decently artistic parentage and a sense of meticulousness ingrained by years of Catholic school), so calligraphy came easily and naturally.  After I became a mother, I realized that doing calligraphy full-time would allow me to work from home and be with my child.  So here I am, and I have never since looked back.  I am grateful to have this opportunity to do something I genuinely enjoy and not have to be torn between a career and parenthood.  I feel honored to be able to contribute in some small way to your special event, and I look forward to creating something beautiful for you.

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