Project Details:

Please submit the following information via email:

1. The type of project (envelope-addressing/invitation design/place cards/signage/etc.) and quantity

2. Desired date of completion and date of your event

3. The calligraphy font/style and ink color(s) you would like to use, as well as any pertinent files I would need to match or coordinate fonts/colors

4. If you need envelopes addressed, please indicate the color of your envelopes and whether or not they are lined.


Project Material Acquisition:

1. Either mail or drop off your project materials such as envelopes, place cards, table cards, invitation card stock, etc.  If you are in New York City, I can meet you at a mutally convenient time and place.

2. Where applicable, please provide 15% extra materials to account for any errors or paper flaws.

3. Please include an address list with your envelopes, typed EXACTLY as you would have them written out.  Spell out Street/Apartment/State/etc. unless you do not mind abbreviating.  The list should be:

    a. Label-formatted in Word.  If your list is compiled in an Excel spreadsheet, please convert it according to the instructions on this link.

    b. Center-aligned (unless you want otherwise)

    c. in upper and lower case letters; please do not use allCAPS.

4. A 50% deposit is required at the time of drop-off.  The balance is due at the completion of the job.


With all products for reproduction (e.g. invitations, programs, menus), you will receive proofs to view and sign off on before printing. This is your opportunity to quality check your design. After you okay, any printed mistakes are no longer my responsibility. However, the other areas of the project will be designed with the utmost care and if anything isn't top notch, please let me know ASAP so that I can make the necessary changes.

With handwritten products (e.g. envelopes, escort cards), please understand that I am human, and I do make mistakes. Be sure to double check your order and report any mistakes in a numbered list via email with the subject line "Mistakes." I will redo everything free of cost. If you have made a mistake on an address and it needs to be rewritten, you will need to pay for me to rewrite it. Please send an email with the subject line "Redos" and list the redos in numerical order.